Hi There, and welcome to me!

With age comes wisdom…

  • and saggy butts
    • and strange hairs popping up in weird places.
      • And bigger ears and nose (not in a pretty way!).

This is the beautiful start of a new friendship!  Me with you – now don’t think too hard on this!  Over the last thirty or so years, a large number of people have requested information from me.  This was as small as where do I find something in our City or County, to how did I deal with my mom dying in my arms and my grandson dying in our house fire.

This blog is for sharing all that I have lived and all that is yet to come!  Including in this sharing is the hope that you will be encouraged to ask questions!

The kicker here is that humor has gotten me through everything!  And I do mean EVERYTHING!  So, of course, I must add the humor into my stories!  Even my worst of times had a glimmer of a giggle.

  • Please feel free to ask questions, or question my asks.
  • Share your thoughts, concerns, or feeling.

I am not a doctor or therapist;  just an old broad that has been road hard and put away wet (This is for my horse friends, if you don’t understand – look it up.) too many times.

To give you a glimpse into me, here’s a quickie rundown:

  • Molested at 11.
  • Raped at 21.
  • Daughter born with spina-bifida & both feet clubbed when I was 26.
  • Father died of cancer when I was 27.
  • Mother died in my arms at age 40.
  • Daughter had 20 surgeries in 20 years (I was at every single one of them.)
  • Owned several businesses – on and off the net.
  • First house fire in Denver at age 32 – lost almost everything but we were safe.
  • Second house fire in Brush at age 55 – lost everything including 50+ years of memories, pictures my mom had painted before she died, gifts from my father before he died, and my 4-year old grandson.
  • Lost half my left index finger to a Mersa infection (2 mo. after the 2nd fire)-age 55.
  • Found out I have osteoarthritis at the same time lost half of finger, so had to have five major surgeries while dealing with the rebuilding of our home (age 55-56).
    • Complete reverse replacement of the right shoulder.
    • Complete replacement of both knees.Clean, gut, and cut on left shoulder (ball not completely gone yet – got to hold off on a replacement at this point.)
    • Screws, bolts, and metal plates installed in my left foot (my toe next to the big one is held in place by a metal rod – how cool is that?!).  Can’t to the right one till the left one is strong enough to handle it – but it’s due.
  • Obtained custody of my other grandson (at the time was only six years old) after my daughter fell apart.  She is still having major issues even after three years (She did not get proper help – but it was/is her choice.  It was offered several times, she tried it once, then failed and just quit going.).  The grandson has ADHD and Autism issues which have been a whole new experience for me. (Age 55 to the current of 58.)

This is all just a small part of the life I have lived and I think I am qualified via my experiences.  My goal here is to

  • Help others gain a fresh look on various things.
  • Share my trials and failures with anyone that may be feeling all alone (We never are you know?!)
  • Make you laugh!

The last one (laughter) is most important.  It is (in my eyes) the reason I have survived, so well, with all that I have been through.  Some of you might be lucky enough to have never had to deal with any of these things – congrats!

However, if you are like me and have had your fill of the Murphy’s Law’s, or maybe you  just want to breathe and laugh for a while; I hope to provide your relief (or sanity help)!

Thanx, and hold on to your butts!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Betty davis (Betty Davis – my most favorite actress and her best statement!)






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