What Happened to Words?

We had been waiting anxiously for the show History of the World Part II to appear.  Perhaps our anticipation was too high for the reality of the program, but disappointment abounds. The fact that we grew up in the era of History of the World Part I, which was fantastic, may be part of my … Continue reading What Happened to Words?


How About Boxing?    

I am so tired of hearing about all the kid shootings! It appears that most (if not all) are due to an argument between a couple of kids or kid groups. I had an epiphany this morning – boxing. Let's put the main characters into an arena (like a boxing ring) and let them have … Continue reading How About Boxing?    


No, I am not talking about all the anger and lies; I am talking about actual trash! This first picture was taken at a highway on ramp.  The trash is all over the place, but not like it accidentally flew off a truck or something like that.  It is also at a spot right by … Continue reading I’M TIRED OF THE TRASH!


It's always much easier to blame someone or something else for our problems.  I was not raised that way.  If I did something wrong, I learned to step up and accept the consequences.  I understand that tons of changes in everything have happened since my growing years (the 1960s & 1970s, in case you are … Continue reading WHY DON’T AMERICANS SEE THAT WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES?

NO DATES HERE, let me explain:

WARNING:  Some of the following content may be offensive to some readers – be advised. During our Saturday evening, Yahtzee night, my sister was kind enough to explain to me exactly why we will never have dates again in our remaining years. Her views made me perform our most serious form of alcohol abuse: I … Continue reading NO DATES HERE, let me explain:


I just can't take any more of the hate, anger, and lies, so I went searching on the internet for something helpful.  This is what I found: Happy, Fun and Silly Songs - YouTube If you are also tired of all the negativity, please check it out.  It is a conglomeration of some of the … Continue reading TIME TO LAUGH AGAIN.


Yes, we can all agree that 2020 sucked.  Then again, maybe not.  It made us value our friends and family more.  Not being able to be near the ones we love is horrifying, but it happened.  So, we did learn some precious lessons in 2020.  But then what?  Where did those amazing lessons go wrong?  … Continue reading WHY?


My sister and I were in a mood again this morning.  We always put on some silly movie we have and laugh or sing along with it.  This mornings selection is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The movie starts out with a couple of my favorite songs: Brandy by the Looking Glass and Mr. … Continue reading DO YOU THINK IT’S FAIR?


This year started with contemplation – again!  It seems like I always start with that and end up with a mess and more questions than answers.  Since 2020 was so horrific in so many ways, and since it also felt like it produced more angry/hateful feelings than average, my contemplation revolved around happiness. I went … Continue reading IS THIS THE TRUE WAY TO HAPPINESS?


2020 was just too overwhelming.  I felt the stress (even after the Christmas rush was gone) and ended up in my Pinterest account.  I have a saved section called “Inspirational Quotes,” so Pinterest sends me their “ideas” of what I may like to review next.  This was the one that caught my eye: Then I … Continue reading TINY HAPPY THINGS – GREAT IDEA!