NO DATES HERE, let me explain:

WARNING:  Some of the following content may be offensive to some readers – be advised. During our Saturday evening, Yahtzee night, my sister was kind enough to explain to me exactly why we will never have dates again in our remaining years. Her views made me perform our most serious form of alcohol abuse: I … Continue reading NO DATES HERE, let me explain:


I just can't take any more of the hate, anger, and lies, so I went searching on the internet for something helpful.  This is what I found: Happy, Fun and Silly Songs - YouTube If you are also tired of all the negativity, please check it out.  It is a conglomeration of some of the … Continue reading TIME TO LAUGH AGAIN.


Yes, we can all agree that 2020 sucked.  Then again, maybe not.  It made us value our friends and family more.  Not being able to be near the ones we love is horrifying, but it happened.  So, we did learn some precious lessons in 2020.  But then what?  Where did those amazing lessons go wrong?  … Continue reading WHY?


My sister and I were in a mood again this morning.  We always put on some silly movie we have and laugh or sing along with it.  This mornings selection is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The movie starts out with a couple of my favorite songs: Brandy by the Looking Glass and Mr. … Continue reading DO YOU THINK IT’S FAIR?


This year started with contemplation – again!  It seems like I always start with that and end up with a mess and more questions than answers.  Since 2020 was so horrific in so many ways, and since it also felt like it produced more angry/hateful feelings than average, my contemplation revolved around happiness. I went … Continue reading IS THIS THE TRUE WAY TO HAPPINESS?


2020 was just too overwhelming.  I felt the stress (even after the Christmas rush was gone) and ended up in my Pinterest account.  I have a saved section called “Inspirational Quotes,” so Pinterest sends me their “ideas” of what I may like to review next.  This was the one that caught my eye: Then I … Continue reading TINY HAPPY THINGS – GREAT IDEA!


BUSY, BUSY, BUSY-grrr! I don’t know how you handle things, but I have got to have my lists.  I am very O.C.D. on keeping things organized, and there are times where all the “to-do’s” just drive me crazy.  Today is one of those “where do I start” days. A couple of years ago I found … Continue reading BUSY, BUSY, BUSY-grrr!


The anger is everywhere.  Why?  I understand that our Protect and Serve departments need an overhaul, but it seems to be going far beyond that. Shouldn't simply being a decent human being toward another human being be the top priority? I have been around since 1959 and have seen a ton of protests and riots: … Continue reading IS BEING HUMANE ENOUGH?

Is The World Made Up Of Grape Jelly?

I remember that most things on the farm were done with lots of people.  This meant that those that help got to share.  Veggies were hot water bath canned, and fruits into preserves or jelly’s all with teams of people – except for the wild grapes.  That was my mom’s personal passion. Now, you have … Continue reading Is The World Made Up Of Grape Jelly?


When I was a kid, my mother was semi-obsessed with Fortune Tellers.  The possibility that another human could actually see or read into the future was exciting to her.  Needless to say, she made sure her daughters kept their minds open to the possibilities of the "what if's" that are out in the world. I … Continue reading SMART OR STRANGE AND HELPFUL STUFF?