What Happened to Words?

We had been waiting anxiously for the show History of the World Part II to appear.  Perhaps our anticipation was too high for the reality of the program, but disappointment abounds.

The fact that we grew up in the era of History of the World Part I, which was fantastic, may be part of my issue.  Smart, witty, funny, and very entertaining.  Mel Brooks was such a genius with his movies.  Robinhood Men in Tights – is hysterical.  We couldn’t wait for his next blockbuster to come out.

The very first thing we noticed that set us at odds was all the ugly swearing.  There are simple exclamations, like when you hit your finger with a hammer, “Ouch, oh shit!”  This movie seemed to excel on the “F” and “MF” words.  I understand it is a different world now, but why is the lack of tactful expression missing?  So many, MANY words in our dialog that could have replaced all of those expletives with significant effect.

  • Oh Spit
  • Oh Spam
  • Mother Trucker
  • Son of a Nutcracker (thank you, Will Farrell in Elf)

All just minor examples of other statements that could have been used instead.

I noticed the same issue with Bad Moms Christmas – AND IT’S A CHRISTMAS MOVIE!?!  I mean, really!  If Dead Pool can make a beautifully funny PG-rated movie, why can’t these other professionals?

We grew up knowing that if you dared to speak like that in front of an adult, you were crusin-for-a-brusin.  I may have flipped out the “F” bomb on an extremely rare occasion while raising my daughter, but it was not something that expelled fluently out of my mouth – EVER!

I have (sadly) seen that more and more people today have no problems spitting that ugliness out of their mouths whenever and wherever they please.  This is so wrong!  I have heard it at places of business, in front of kids, and just walking around a mall.  It’s just not right and must be corrected before it worsens.

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