How About Boxing?    

I am so tired of hearing about all the kid shootings! It appears that most (if not all) are due to an argument between a couple of kids or kid groups. I had an epiphany this morning – boxing.

Let’s put the main characters into an arena (like a boxing ring) and let them have it out. Then the winner is clear, and the loser apologizes – move on! Perhaps arm wrestling or regular wrestling could be a possibility.

 Instead of using the quick, ugly way of responding with a gun, get them face-to-face and eye-to-eye. I don’t know when or why these kids feel that shooting is the only end result, but it has to stop.

Evidently, they are feeling the need for a violent act to get their point across, but why just look at guns? There are so many more ways to get out personal frustrations:

  • Boxing was my first thought since so many beatings have also occurred, the catch being that it MUST be done supervised and using all boxing rules.
  • Arm Wrestling is great because they must hold each other’s hand while they look into their eyes – again using professional rules and regulations.
  • Use chess or checkers if it is a matter of wits involved. How about Trouble (we have a blast with my 14-year-old grandson with this when he visits)? Any physical board game might work (Battleship?).
  • Want to be creative? Make them create sculptures, draw, paint, knit, sew, or whatever craft grabs their attention. The best one, voted on by third-party judges, wins.

Adults need to wake up, look around, and notice when there is a confrontation or possible violent issue building, YES – adults need to take responsibility! 

I believe there is too much sitting in front of a screen (TV, computer, or phone) instead of doing mental or physical activity. These kids are screaming for an outlet, and we are not filling that need.

How about just teaching them how to talk face-to-face with other people? If I have an issue with someone or something, I confront them/it. They are being negative most of the time because there is no outlet or consequences for their harmful actions. Social Media can only patrol so much, but they shouldn’t have to; parents, teachers, friends, and adults PAY ATTENTION TO THE KIDS! They need to understand that EVERYONE has issues with someone else at some point in their life. So let’s show them there is so much more to life than guns and violence.

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