No, I am not talking about all the anger and lies; I am talking about actual trash!

This first picture was taken at a highway on ramp.  The trash is all over the place, but not like it accidentally flew off a truck or something like that.  It is also at a spot right by a quicky mart/gas station and a McDonalds – BOTH OF WHICH HAVE OUTSIDE TRASH CANS!  This was the first thing that really set me off on this rant.  (FYI, just on the other side of the highway is another quicky mart/gas station, Wendy’s, and Subway – all, again, have outside trash cans.)

This bit was obviously a supermarket bag full of trash just thrown out a window – it’s right at a stop sign.  There are no trash cans at this intersection thus the disgust at them not just hanging onto it until they found one.

This is at the onramp right in front of our home.  Another obvious throw out the window of a vehicle as it is scattered all over the place.  I managed to catch this pic of the LARGE bag that was full of someone trash.  The very next offramp (only about 2 miles away) has the several places to dump at that I listed in the last paragraph.

This was the straw that broke this camels back.  A used syringe thrown out RIGHT AT THE END OF OUR DRIVEWAY!!!  God only knows what was in it, but once again, someone else’s trash just thrown out of a moving vehicle.

I grew up learning how to stop polluting our air, water and land.  Perhaps we need to bring all those amazing ads back again?  I swear, if I ever catch someone throwing out their trash and I am in my vehicle; I will follow them until I can throw it back into their vehicle!  See how they like it when someone dumps on them!

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