Yes, we can all agree that 2020 sucked.  Then again, maybe not.  It made us value our friends and family more.  Not being able to be near the ones we love is horrifying, but it happened.  So, we did learn some precious lessons in 2020.  But then what?  Where did those amazing lessons go wrong?  How did a renewed sense of love and purpose turn into so much anger?

Keeping with that train of thought, my next instinct was just one word – WHY?  I began by looking into my own history.  When things were hard in the past 50+ years, how did we (as humans) handle it?  There were just so many things from 1960 through 2020 that I got a headache.  I changed my thoughts into the songs that helped to pull us through all those bac times and found some really great, meaningful, and sometimes just silly beautifully worded songs that (in my opinion) appeared to be a source of relief. 

I need to give credit to the website: SONGFACTS for all the perfect songs I picked out of their HUGE information for this post – Kudos, guys!

These were just a few of my own choices.  Perhaps you remember a rough time in your life, and a personal song that pulled you out comes to mind?  Please share!  If we all start requesting all these “come together” songs, maybe we can change our world starting now?

There is just too much anger, hate, division, and especially LABELS to handle.  It has become overwhelming.  Try to get through a day without running into some type of negative emotion.  It is just not the way we are supposed to be.  I have decided to push more of these songs into my daily routine and see if they can help as they did in the past.  Why Can’t We Be Friends  tops my list  because:

  1. It’s easy to sing to.
  2. It hits the head on the nail at the base of our issues.
  3. It’s just fun!

I hope this post will help others to try to get rid of all this anger in our lives right now.  Yes, last year was a rough one but don’t lose all that great home family close time to all the anger.  It’s just not worth it!


(62) War – Why Can’t We Be Friends? – YouTube

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