I don’t know how you handle things, but I have got to have my lists.  I am very O.C.D. on keeping things organized, and there are times where all the “to-do’s” just drive me crazy.  Today is one of those “where do I start” days.

A couple of years ago I found a fantastic (and hateful for me) app called: workflowy.com

I love it and hate it at the same time. 

The reasons I love it are:

  • It can be pulled up on any of my devices any/everywhere I go.
  • It has such a simple format and is SOOOOO easy to use.
  • I can add, change, breakdown, and delete all I need to do.
  • I make my own categories and can change as needed.
  • I.T.’S FREE!!

The reasons I hate it are:

  • It keeps reminding me of what I did NOT get done.
  • It just seems to keep growing.

Granted, the hate part is mainly my own fault; however, I seem to have a ton of interruptions in my days (do you?).  It never fails that the minute I get into a bigger project, something pops up that I have to get pulled away and, for some weird reason, I just can’t seem to get back to that project on the same day.  I understand that we cannot help the things that happen unexpectedly, but somedays the unexpected seems to bombard me purposefully.

I know I have issues with my O.C.D. organizing, and I have learned not to review my Workflowy list every day because it can lead to depression (something else I have issues with). I do try to check it over at least once a week.  Today, I decided to check it and found this:

  • Details of things to do this week: 8/23-8/29
  • PERSONAL-house
  • PERSONAL-me only

It looked simple enough – oh, but wait…I didn’t open the “levels” yet.  This is what “Personal Farm” looks like:

  • Get info on new G.H. room and Mini G.H. (starter spot in G.H.)
  • 2020 “TO-DO” LIST: (This opens up to a list of every month)
  • GET-AROUND-TO-IT to do’s:

Just another simple right – NOPE!  The “2020” list drops down into “monthly” which I revamped earlier this year because there are some farm things that can only be done in certain times of the year (Spring seed starting and planting. Fall harvest, canning and clean up/prep for next year.).

My month of August currently looks like this:


  • Get chicken barn ready for new chickens (double-check where raccoon may be getting in?)
  • Clean/organize both grey sheds & big barn
  • Build cage/cover over back yard plots then:
    • Start new fall crop -lettuce, peas, carrots, cabbage
    • Fence & screen off from chickens & bad bugs
  • Open and use new chainsaw – trim up all broken and bad damaged areas of trees & fruit area
  • Hook-up broken cable on the backyard utility pole (need extra strong wire)
  • Finish weeding front yard north side
  • Clean up herb garden & prep designs for next year
  • Move asparagus to better plot in the herb garden
  • Clean up last years corn patch
  • Gather all garden tools for clean up and repair (paint & poly this year)
  • Pull out, fix, paint & poly, and replace the grape arbor in the front yard

Now, it is just eleven simple things, right?  Wrong! 

Each one of those things takes time.  In the middle of all these to-do things, I have to keep up the watering (Thank God we have our own well!).  Parts of my watering is via sprinkler or drip lines, which I can set up my phone timer.  Then there is the part that I have to hand water.  All-in-all my watering, on average, takes me about 5-6 hours every day.  If it rains heavily, I get a break – but then all the other things to do outside are wet, so things like painting can’t be done.  Worse is what we are having now -100+degree heat – OUCH!!  To top that off, we have all the smoke from the California and Colorado mountain fires in our air.  Talk about hard to breathe!?!

I went through Covid-19 back in February this year, and my breathing has not been right since.  I thought, after a while, I would be good, since I went through 14-days of hell, nope.  (Needless to say, I am a HUGE believer in the masks!)  Throw the smoky air on top of the high heat, and it’s a massive struggle.  Now try pulling weeds or fixing fences when you can’t breathe right – good luck.

The smoke looks like just a dull, hazy day.  The morning sun is a bright reddish/orange ball that you can look at.  The bummer of looking at it like that is the reminder that it is only because there is so much smoke in the air.  It’s not fog or haze; it’s thick and nasty.

So, this moment in time in my life, I have decided to follow my mother’s favorite sayings:


Yes, there is a joke behind everything my mother said or did.  One year for Christmas, she gave me a box of “round-toit’s.”  She told me I now had no reason to say when I get around to it because she gave me a box of them.  I am usually the brunt of family humor, and I would have it no other way!


F.Y.I.: This is exactly what my round-toits looked like but no hook and several more in the box.  Unfortunately, they were lost in the 2014 fire also, but the memory lives on forever!

(Oh, did I also mention I am trying to craft up a ton of stuff to sell: knitting, crocheting, beading, weaving, card making?  Just one more thing on that to-do list-LOL!)

You can also check me out at:  https://helbergfarmstories.com/ for fun stories from our farm.

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