When I was a kid, my mother was semi-obsessed with Fortune Tellers.  The possibility that another human could actually see or read into the future was exciting to her.  Needless to say, she made sure her daughters kept their minds open to the possibilities of the “what if’s” that are out in the world.

I follow a blogging businesswoman who has always posted beneficial information for bloggers.  Her name is Janice Wald, and her blog is  She surprised me this last week with this post:

How To Calm Your COVID-19 Panic Online

By: Janice Wald | May 13, 2020 

Now, In case you are wondering, yes, I do believe in God, the Devil, and Angels, so it only goes to figure that I also believe in the unbelievable.  The above post from Janice surprised me.  She starts by talking about the regular anxiety help for C-19 Stressors like Online Therapy, and she even lists a beneficial site if that is what you are looking for (like I said, loads of great helpful stuff from her.).  Then, her very next section goes into Fortune Readers!  Wow!!

Here I thought I was the crazy lady that still goes for this stuff.  I guess I felt it was a dying art.  I was, I have to say, shocked to see that this brilliant, influential businesswoman also does this.  I have been getting my Daily Astrology and Chinese Horoscope readings for decades (FYI: one of my 1st and favorite sites is:  Looking back on it, I realized she was right. It’s not that I take any of it word-for-word, but it does help me feel better.  I also love to pick a Tarot card if I have a looming problem that keeps me up at night.

As I said, I don’t take it word-for-word, but I look at it from a broader perspective.  Most of the answers an individual gets are very wide-range and generic.  I do believe that they consult the stars, the cards, or whatever it is they do to get a reading.  Then, from those selections, they create a daily post for each astrology sign.  Granted, there will always be thousands of ways to interpret the meanings, but it does help me emotionally.  During these stressful times, the readings have helped me to make several decisions that I had been flip-flopping.

The rest of her article is the usual things I have come to expect from her: Get Help, Find Inspiration, Resources, and (the best one) Be Grateful.  Once again, I found her information very helpful not just from a blogger perspective, but also from a worried pandemic participant perspective (say that 5-times fast).  I hope if you are reading this and are afraid or stressed due to the C-19 crisis, you will take a moment to go read her post.  Perhaps you might even take a gander at the horoscope stuff.  It won’t hurt, and it may even help a bit, at least on an emotional level.

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