Once in a while, I get an email share that I wish would have been circulated much earlier.  This is one of those examples:

5 Ways to Save Energy During Quarantine

Craig Gustafson Updated: Apr. 24, 2020

The guys at sent this to my inbox date, 5/7/20, but I noticed it was updated from  4/24/20.  Either way, I wish they would have brought this one out in late March or early April this year.  Our home was packed with extra things running during the Stay-at-home order in April of this year.  Things that I never even thought of shutting down to conserve energy.

face plate insulators

I have decided to not just share this information, but to print and save it for future use. Yes, I am so O.C.D. organized I have a heavy-duty laminator always ready for these types of projects!  I took the post, printed it on both sides of a piece of paper, and then laminated it for long-term usage.

Several of the tips-and-tricks I already know.  The one I found funny is the “outdoor cooking” for a very simple reason.  The cook in our household is my sister.  One of her most favorite ways to cook is outdoors.  We bought an awesome – HUGE – gas grill right after the fire.

gas grill

We were temporarily living in a trailer that our amazing Insurance Company found and placed on our farm.  It allowed us to be here to still take care of the farm and to help with answering urgent construction questions during the rebuild.  If you have ever been in a trailer, you know how small the cooking area and units are.  Well, with a sister that is O.C.D. cook-a-holic, that just would not do.  Thus, the immediate need for a really awesome outdoor cooker.  All most all of our meals, that long summer, were made on that grill – yummy!  It survived until the tornado then, unfortunately, had to be replaced (Damn twister just had to throw it around the yard-grr!).  We were fortunate to get it replaced with the exact same type.

I hope you at least save their article for current and future use.  They have some straightforward methods to turn into habits.  We have begun to try to remember to unplug things when not needed.  It’s going to take us a while, but I think it will stick.

elec shock (Make sure you do it safely!)

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Paraproskodian sentence for this post:

When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.”

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