WRITE IT DOWN – everywhere I go!  Sticky notes all over the place (note: did NOT say house as they are in my car as well-eek), note pads and pen or pencil in almost every room, in my vehicle, and in my purse – never leave home without it.  I recently added a voice recorder to my cell phone for those things that pop into my head as I drive.  I leave it open as I drive, so it records everything, and I can sort, separate, and write down necessities when I get home (how sick is this?!).

If you are anything or nothing like me, this post is here to try to help a little in a big way.

Main reason is DASHLANE:


No kickback or money in my pocket what-so-ever for this information share.  I am merely trying to find ways to make all of our lives a bit easier.

The idea for this post came from helping my brother-in-law.  His wife (my sister) used to handle all the home and home office stuff – including the computer and internet stuff.  When she passed away suddenly, he was devastated.  It took him several months just to get near the computer (honestly, it took “non-payment” mail notices) to try to pay bills.  The first notices he just mailed back a check to the warning letter.  Then I went to visit him to help him.  I guess it was my habit of writing everything down that made me bring a select notepad just for him.

1st notebook

If you read any previous blog posts, you know my sister was a bit of a hoarder.  Well, her computer and the office were her private escape area.  She had papers and sticky notes EVERYWHERE!!  Total chaos.  God love her, she knew her system but for anyone to follow up was a significant challenge.  The very first thing we had to do was unlock the computer.  It must have taken well over an hour just to figure out where she had the password (note: I did not say “hidden” as she had most everything right in front of us, but figuring out which sticky was the right code for what was the challenge).

crazy sticky note

We put everything we could get our hands on into that notebook.  I made him write (with a little designing on my part) it so he could read it later.  I was happy with what we had done and really believed that he would be, at least, a bit more comfortable with the computer and use it more.  Oh, silly me!!

I went back to help him in March with a printer issue and was a bit shocked that he didn’t know where the book was.  I needed some of the login information that we found to work on the printer issues.  It took a while, but we found the book.  Unfortunately, after about five more hours of wrestling with it, I surrendered!  The printer he had was so much more than he would ever need, I decided it was smarter just to stop fighting with it.

I ended with suggesting he go out (when allowed) and get a very simple printer, copier, scanner.  This way, he could email documents to whichever government department or insurance as needed.  If he had to fax, he could go to Office Depot, or even Safeway will fax docs for a small fee.  He agreed, and I took my two-hour drive back home.  I thought about the whole day all the way home.  My recorder on I left myself dozens of messages of how more I could have helped or different things I could have tried.  Then I thought about the misplacement of the all-important notebook.

My next primary task with him will be setting him up in  It is FREE to use the basic service (they have more business programs that you can purchase, but for home, the standard is perfect!), and I can be pulled up on any computer, phone, tablet anywhere at any time.  All you need to remember is the single password for Dashlane.  How perfect is this?

I have a cute little black book (yep, it is really a little black book) that I had been tracking all of my logins, passwords, and each site’s unique requirements in, since the fire of 2014.  When we lost everything, I realized how much I depended on the password information I kept in an Excel spreadsheet in my computer – BIG MISTAKE!  A dear friend was able to save my hard drive and help me rebuild a new system – SAVED!  But now, scared.  What if I lose it all – permanently?  That was when I got my little black book.  The fire scare came back, and what if that book got burned up too?  Thus the hunt for a better system and low and behold: DASHLANE came along – SAVED!!

little black book  (This is like mine, only mine is for internet stuff, not addresses.  I have a little blue book for those.)

I cannot share this info enough!  Get it!  Use it!  It has been a lifesaver in more ways than one.  If I should pass, my family has my password to get into it, and from that can find anything they need to continue with life.

I hope this helps!

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Paraproskodian sentence for this post:

“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.”

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