My email joyously provides me with so many exciting things.  I read everything from my blogging friend’s posts, to handyman tips, to local area sales (even though we are not leaving the house, I can still buy online should the need arise), so simple things like this:

Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) Something serving to conceal plans; a fictitious reason that is concocted in order to conceal the real reason.
Synonyms: pretext
Usage: Steve said he needed a book from the library, but that was just a stalking-horse to talk to the girl who worked behind the counter.

I receive a Word of the Day from these guys and from Merriam-Webster, which is great because they both offer different words each day.  I get to feed my O.C.D. learning mind every day, even with these little bits.

We are bomb-barded lately with nothing but scary sadness.

  • The C-19 Virus leads the pack.
  • Followed up closely with the horrendous locust plague in the dryer countries
  • Next is the earthquakes in strange areas (along with a post I read on the heaving at some volcanos)
  • Then there is always the asteroid that is always coming close but missing us.
  • Oh, we must not forget the ever-present prospect of war (like that makes any sense at all right now?!).

I have decided to tone it down BIG TIME!  I still check my headlines as they pop up on my phone.  I have never liked being caught off guard.  I just don’t stop to read all the scary stuff.  I have gotten very selective on the specific significant change notices that I do read.  The rest are simply saved the rest for a later story I may write, or just to read on a rainy day when this is all over.

I receive the following to lighten my emotional load (F.Y.I. I am NOT affiliated with any of these – I just like them):

  1. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/ this is for my first Word of the Day notice.
  2. https://www.instructables.com/ This place is OUTSTANDING!  Tons of step-by-step instructions for everything from kids to teens to men to women, AND they even have contests to share your instructions and win something.
  3. My daily deals from my fav places to buy things:
    1. https://www.sizzix.com/ (card & scrapbook stuff)
    2. https://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/ (card & scrapbook stuff)
    3. https://www.firemountaingems.com/ (beading & jewelry stuff)
    4. https://www.bloglovin.com/ This one is great for lots of fun things.  Free to sign up, and when you do you select your topics of interest.  Then they send you the latest posts on only the things you love to know more about. (The latest I checked out is titled: The History of Gardens in Times of Turmoil.  Great read!)  You can also like and save them into categories you create for future review or use.
    5. https://www.gardeners.com/home Not just garden supplies, but great ideas, tips, and tricks to help with gardening for the whole family.
    6. https://www.artbeads.com/ Another one for beading and jewelry, but they also have tons of free tutorials, tips, and ideas.
    7. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/ This is one of my FAVORITES!!  It is free to sign up for the e-newsletter, which is what I do.  They do send out periodic emails to purchase their magazine, but I don’t choose to kill off more trees or have piles of them hoarded in a corner.  I get to skim through each listing of each newsletters topics (and there is an excellent variety of them), then simply click it to read the full article – no cash needed and read on my own time.  I have tons of them saved for future ideas.  I have also shared lots of these articles on other areas I attend.
    8. Then there are the other goodies: yarn and crafting stuff, Facebook, Twitter, and N.Y. Times updates. I also get tons of Pinterest emails – THIS IS MY CHOICE, AND I AM STICKING WITH IT – L.O.L.!  My cousin turned me on to Pinterest several years ago, and I became instantly addicted.  You want to learn how to do something/anything. It’s even better than YouTube.com (no, I did NOT say that – haha).

This is just a partial list of my daily distractions.  I also get daily astrology (because it’s fun to see how far off-base they are), three different survey site notices (yep, take them for a bit of extra cash),   Oh, and I have to have my daily dose of Marth Stewart Living – L.O.L.

You can also check me out at:  https://helbergfarmstories.com/ for fun stories from our farm.

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Paraproskodian sentence for this post:

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

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