There is a difference between “precaution” and “panic.” I have to admit, what is going on here in the U.S. (I am talking about the closings and shutdowns) is a first for me.  I have been through all kinds of things in my short 60-year old life:

  • Floods
  • Tornados
  • Bankruptcy
  • Rape
  • Losing a child (he was my grandson and it was a  fire in our home – both devastating.)

I have learned that “there will always be something” that can shake me or those I love.  I have also learned not to panic.  This is a big deal in times like these.

empty bench


I am lucky (Or maybe just from a great gene pool) to have a pretty good immune system.

Already went through bad flu that managed to hook into an allergic reaction that sent me to the E.R. after three days of it just progressing.  NOT the norm for me.  I still blame this part on a damn wasp that stung me on my face by my right eye in 2017.  This is not (on anyone) a dense tissue area, so when I swelled from the sting, I blew up like a balloon just on the right side of my face.  The E.R. doc tried hard to get me to say I got beat up (still find it funny).  When I went to the E.R. this time, it was the same doctor.  The difference this time is my whole head blew up.  The odd part is my throat never swells, and I don’t have a hard time breathing or swallowing.  I just blow up like a balloon and get a nasty fever.  This time around, it felt like hives all over my head – weirdo me.


I have been watching the news, reading articles, and researching information, since the beginning of the year.  The most recent one that broke things down, and was beneficial, was this one:

Is it allergies, the flu or the coronavirus? How to tell the difference

By AJ Willingham, CNN

Updated 4:21 PM ET, Thu March 12, 2020

The big difference in plain English:


(note: This is right from the Mayo Clinic)


Yes, I do have allergies now (didn’t seem to be a problem when I was younger), so every year, I keep my over-the-counter allergy meds handy because I never know when I will be hit.  We own a small farm in a rural area of Colorado, so I am out in the gardens most every day.  Some days I come in beautiful, other days I am a mess. (Personally, I have generic sinus meds – thank you, Dad, for the crappy sinuses – and Benadryl for the lousy allergy days.).

The Basics You Need To Understand And Follow:

  1. Try to avoid the gathering of people. Now, this is easier out here for us than it is for those we love in the city (Denver, etc.).  The biggest gatherings I go to will be grocery shopping at Walmart.  I HATE TO SHOP (as a rule), so I usually go early in the day.  The best part of doing this is that:
    1. There is hardly anyone at the store.
    2. Major cleaning and restocking usually happen overnight.
    3. I like to go on Friday early morning because our local store gets its primary delivery on Thursdays. Most things I am looking for should be available and less handled.
  2. Wash your hands – wash your hands – wash your hands!! I just can not stress this one enough.
  3. If you are sick – STAY HOME! I wish I could say this is just common sense, but I know better here in the U.S.  I can’t tell you how many (including myself, sad to say) people I know that try to tough it out and go into work when they are ill.  I am elderly (boohoo, going to be 61 this April – argh!) and disabled now, but I was a workaholic.  I would go into work no matter how sick I felt.  Unless I was physically throwing up, I toughed it out – IDIOT ME! I’m going to blame it on my parents.  They grew up with the attitude of “you work to the best of your ability” because you are getting good pay for honest work.  That was then, this is now (sad to say), and times have changed in this regard.  I know dozens of businesses that are desperate to hire people, but the employees don’t come.
  4. Don’t be stupid! It is sad I have to put this one in here, but we are all only human.  As humans, we are prone to do stupid mistakes – all the time!  I am a victim of this basic.  I think that sometimes I do not take enough precautions.  Yesterday I went to Walmart, mostly because we are out of critter foods and it is cheapest there.  I did pick up a few more food things, and, of course, I went for hand sanitizer.  Notice I said that I “went” for hand sanitizer – did not get it because everything in the store that had to do with any kind of sanitizing was gone.  Did you also notice I did not say “more” hand sanitizer? Typically, we do not use the stuff.

We believe that under normal conditions it does more harm than good.  The human body MUST build a robust immune system to help fight in times like these.  Part of building that immunity is contact with other people and things.  If you are continually sanitizing yourself, how can your immune system build up?  It just doesn’t have a chance to get stronger to fight these nasty-uglies.  Choosing to do so does provide the annual cold, and sometimes the flu (No, I do not get the shot.  I did it twice, and both times I developed a worse sickness than without the shot.  I know it does not happen like this for everyone, but it does for me.).  Some years I can go the whole year without any illnesses at all (love those!).

All-in-all, we just need to stop all the panic

keep calm carry on

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Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

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