There, I’ve said it.  I have done tons-and-tons of downsizing over the last two decades.  Moving from Denver to our great little patch of heaven in the plains of eastern Colorado helped me to make those changes.

We had and over-stuffed, extra-large, moving van (yes – semi size) to bring all of both mine and my sister’s items out to our new place.  It took several days and several extra guys to get it all loaded, moved, and unloaded but we got it done.  (This included the very delicate move of our 100+-year-old Tigerwood piano – still miss it.)


(This is close to what our piano looked like.  I was going to post my pic from after the fire, but I started crying so it will stay in the past with my other memories.)

Then (if you have been following me), the fire of 2014 hit and took it all – including the piano.  Even with all of my downsizing before 2014, I still had a lot of stuff.  I can blame my mother for a big part of this; however, her obsession was due to being raised in a very destitute area during the depression.  “DO NOT THROW AWAY ANYTHING,” was the family mantra from then on.

Rebuilding after everything is gone is hard.  The worst is all the photos, stories, memories that you cannot replace with money.  The money replacements were easy.  My music collection was the next to hurt.  I had tons of old vinyl records and albums (even a couple of ones with the pictures embedded on them) which I have since replaced as much as I could.   The bummer is that they are all in CD format now – no more vinyl.

(YES- I owned both these records on vinyl AND we had a local store that looked pretty much exactly like that.  As far as I know, there is still one in Denver’s hidden gems area.))

My sister now has a massive kitchen where she spends all of her happy time.  I have a nice size craft room, as-well-as a corner in the upstairs and downstairs living rooms for my yarnie stuff. (I don’t usually go anywhere without some type of yarn project, I just won’t survive – LOL!)  This morning I stepped back and took a long hard look at our non-OCD addictions and realized that we would NEVER be minimalists.

I have worked our bills down to the bare minimum for daily survival and eventual trips/vacations, but even this has to be added to for all those unexpected expenses.  So this could never be a minimalist area.

My sister and I both love to read, and we are always planning or building something.  The plan and building of stuff require pens, pencils, papers and other tools of the territory. I will never be a minimalist in this area either.  With a farm of any size or even just your own gardens in your own yards, they will be a time for planning and you will need to visualize something prior to doing any work.  I do not get the same feeling, or freedom, from an app or website as I do with good old paper and pencil.

(Can’t get and e-reader to look, feel, or smell like these beauties!)

We both have kindle e-readers with mine being a Fire for the extra internet help.  It’s great to have and be able to read a book whenever and wherever I want; however, I still prefer the feel, smell, and ability of using printed works.  My sister loves great fun reads – mysteries, sci-fi, oddity stories, but my passion is in the how-tos.  If you have ever owned a how-to book and you are obsessed as I am with them, then you know you have very few clean pages in it.  Our “Carrots Love Tomatoes” book is highlighted, sticky note tagged, creased, greased, and torn from all the usage.  This book was the first we purchased after the fire as we use it all the time for our companion planting information.  It goes with me out to the gardens and has had a barn cat or two add to its seasoning.

carrots love toms

(Our book is not this pretty anymore, but it is loved.)

I do consider myself organized, just a bit too many extras that maybe I don’t really need – but WHAT IF I DO?  Well, we have come full circle – right back to my mom’s depression-era teachings.  You know what else?  That “may need it later” attitude has come in handy on so many occasions that I am not ever going to worry about a silly thing like being a minimalist.

messy office(NO – this is not my office but darn close!)

You can also check me out at:  https://helbergfarmstories.com/ for fun stories from our farm.

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