What’s Up With My Weird Dreams?

With old(ish) age comes a variety of oddities.  The one that keeps throwing me off is the weird changes in my body, along with the even weirder medications and the way my body reacts to them.  The latest is a newbie for me.

You must understand that I have never been a heavy sleeper, even before my daughter (who was born with a disability because I can’t get just one easy thing – oh no!) was born.  I used to work two or three jobs at a time, so getting about four hours of sleep per night was fine for me when I was twenty-something.

multi task

Time-and-tides go by, kids grow up, the “old body syndrome” kicks in, and the next thing you know, you are craving sleep.  I would give just about anything to get a full eight hours of sleep for a night.  Having provided that lovely issue, the problem I want to share today is not so much the lack of sleep but what is going on during those recently heavy downtimes.  Weird dreams.

I know my medications have something to do with it.  I can see/feel the changes that kick in after about a week or two on them.  The recent one is for a family issue of and off thyroid.  Mine happens to have recently decided to start climbing up.   Both high and low thyroid issues run in our family, but I was hoping to avoid it – nope.

November 2019, my doctor prescribed a new med for me for my high thyroid.  Roughly two weeks after I started taking them, I noticed I was getting a more sound sleep.  I was also getting some very strange dreams.  They are not the normal fall asleep troubled about something dreams, but dreams that are way out in left field.  Last night was a great example.

I woke up this morning thinking I needed to find an outlet. WHAT?  Yep, that was the R.E.M. dream.  I was running around (not just our home, but in some places I did not recognize) all over the place looking for an outlet to plug in something.  I have no clue what type of plug-in I needed, nor did I know what it was I wanted to plug in.  I do remember being frantic on finding the right one.

Stranger in strange land (I have never read this book, guess it is time to.)

Supernatural pic (FYI, one of my favorite shows about strange things.)

WHAT THE HELL?  Is it something I eat or drink before bed?  Nope, that is all the same.  Is it something that happened during the day that bothered me?  Nope, spent most of the day on creating stuff for Australia Fire Animals.  The only thing I can see that is different is my new med.

Now, how come they NEVER list freaky-deaky dreams as a major side-effect?  They have been everything from doing physical things with loved ones that have died, to things like this plug finding adventure.  The only thing they all have in common is that I am out solid when I dream.  When I wake up, the feelings are still very strong, but the memory of the dream is only bits and pieces.  My sister has gotten a big kick out of sharing my remnants with her during our morning coffee.

So, I am now curious to see if any of you have the same problems?  Do you have some wild dreams, and do you believe it could be from one (or more) of your medications?

sleeping cat  =   dream scape

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