HAVE YOU CUT THE CORD, and how does it feel?

Yesterday I did something that was more traumatic for me than I knew. I cut the cord, which is just another way of saying we decided to cancel our TV service. We did this for several reasons:
budget cut

1. First and foremost, it was getting too expensive. A year ago we cut back from the mid-grade channel line up to the lowest. The interesting part we noticed is that we still had most of the channels we love to watch, yet we still did not even glance at over 95% of the other channels in our package. It became all too obvious that we were paying a bunch of money -every month¬ – to something we were not even using.several dollars sign2. The second issue is what I just stated: We were not even using (or even looking at) over 95% of the channels. We are not that into sports. The news has gotten too scary to see it on fifty different channels (1 or 2 is all we can handle). The shows and channels that we do love to watch can now be viewed online or streamed to devices. Most at little or no cost.

3. My Grandson is stuck in a techno-loop. Playing a very first-player active video game while watching his very engaging cartoons (most on The Cartoon Network). Granted, he is very smart, has ADHD, and is mildly Autistic, but we were beginning to think he was in over-load on fantasy. I love science fiction/fantasy a lot, but the way he sees it is beginning to worry us. His pretend role-playing activities are focused on acting out just what he was viewing and doing in his technology. He also loves to watch Looney Toons on Boomerang (have to admit here that we do too…still one of our fav cartoons), be we do pay extra to view that channel lineup. It is only $3.99 per month, and that seems reasonable to us.

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4. For some unknown reason, my Grandson’s grades have slipped – A LOT! Going from an A to a B is no big deal, but he went from a B+ to an F in three of his strongest courses – and in just this last quarter? That big of a drop in just one quarter signals something major is going on.

This year our first-and-foremost goal is to reconnect as a family. We have all been through so much over the last four years, that we seem to have forgotten about our deepest need – human contact. We hope that cutting the cord is a great first step in this project.

We are going to have actual reading times every day. My sister and I both love reading. We know that my Grandson is good at it, and we think he likes it too. Our thought is maybe if we turn it into a “family” activity, this will help to bring up his grades. We are also concerned that he may be getting bored. This happened once before in preschool. He gets bored because he knows the subject well, and then he gets into trouble.
I guess we will just have to do what we can do, talk to whomever we need to talk to and make adjustments as we go. He is in Third Grade now; we don’t want to lose him by Sixth Grade.

Any help or suggests you, my friendly readers, have in this area would be greatly appreciated. I am a Grandma from a very different generation (The only techno we had in the 60’s and 70’s was TV), just trying to raise my Grandson the best I can.
Thank you in advance for any encouragement!

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