This question came to me under some unusual circumstances.

I grew up with depression-era parents.  They did not like to discard anything.  If we did not need it, a family member or friend might; so nothing was thrown away.  Well, in keeping with this family tradition I tried to donate my grandson’s car seat to the local thrift stores.  Guess what?  THEY CAN’T TAKE THEM.  It is not even a matter of won’t take, but can’t take.

I found out that it has something to do with Government safety issues (go figure – our government butting in again – grrr.).  We used to ride in the front of the truck with our father.  He would purposely go really, really fast up and over the hills of Wisconsin because it would lift us up off the seat.  This, of course, brought great joy and laughter to all involved! (I can feel our mother turning over in her grave as I type this.)

The only time we were told to put on our seatbelts was on long family vacations.  Just a trip to church, the store, or even another city in Wisconsin; was never due cause for silly seatbelts.  If we were just moving around on our farm, the back of the truck was the spot for the kids to reside.  No belts of any kind back there.

I know of some lower-income families in our community that could have used the car seat.  Then there is the matter of price.  Free is always better than what they cost brand new (have you seen the prices?  DISGUSTING!).  I then had a wild thought:

I wonder if there’s a Black Market out here somewhere for this kind of stuff?”

Why not?  We could start by using code on our social websites.  Keeping it simple so that any small community would get the hint, but big government would overlook it.

  • Garage sale could mean “freebies” on things like car seats.
  • Taking a day off could mean available for babysitting.
  • Going on a trip could mean children,s cars seat for sale

I lived in the big city of Denver for a while.  When there anything that sat at the end of your driveway was considered trash.  Thus, anything you wanted to give away free was simply placed out there in the morning.  It was practically guaranteed to be picked up by someone else in need of it by the time you got home from work.

Here in the country, we are not so lucky.  Our trash either goes to our own dump (if biodegradable), or onto our compost piles (mainly old newspapers, food scraps – no meats, egg shells, and coffee grinds),  or we have a huge container for miscellaneous stuff that gets picked up for a price once a month.

I am thinking about setting the car seat and a few other unused items out at the end of our driveway just to see what happens.  Just my luck, someone will either hit it and sue me, or the cops will give me a fine for littering.  Oh well, maybe fun just to give it a shot.  I will let you know how it goes if I do it.

child car seat

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