Mr. Rotten’s wife moved back to Denver with their kids and found someone else to be happy with.  Mr. Rotten and the daughter began to fight – a lot!  She,  at this point, saw very little of her son.   The son, however desperately wanted to see (and live) with his mother.  The Aunt and mother decided to try to keep moving forward with the boy’s life, and in the process purchased another pet for the family.  It was a teacup pig.  The boy, as young as he was, misunderstood that it was not to be treated like a puppy and ran it to death.  The daughter took this as a sign of something wrong with the boy and got him shipped off to an institute in Denver – the old woman (grandma) did not have any authority to stop her as she did not have custody.

Seven days later, the Aunt and the Grandma were allowed to pick up the boy.  He had received some help, but the Grandma received the best help.  The first night the boy was there, a Therapist called the grandma to see if his scream fits were normal.  The old woman told them all of the quirks the boy suffered from since moving in with them after the fire.    The Therapist told the woman to obtain the books called The Whole Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson which turned out to be the best help ever!

The old woman read that book, and others of the same, and was then better able to understand what was going on in her grandson’s head when he reacted.  His were not just fits of rage, A.D.H.D., or proof of his mild autism; but a total mental overload.  The poor little guy of only six was simply being overwhelmed by the world and could not get it to settle enough for him to process it.

The daughter did not bother to entertain getting to know any of this.  She and Mr. Right continued to live together through all of her trials.  In April of 2015, the daughter allowed custody of her son to be assumed by the grandmother.  She was tired of having Social Services on her back (her exact words).

In March of 2016, the courts were finally over with a final decision giving the daughter a misdemeanor child neglect with community service to be done.  The daughter, several months later, decided to check herself into a rehab facility in a wish to untangling her mind.  The mother went to pick her up from there after only ten days.  The daughter appeared happy – the first time in years.

The old woman took her daughter back to Mr. Rottens place, as requested, and within days the daughter was a mess again.  The fights began to escalate.  Then the daughter was told to move out!  She found another friend who was giving up her apartment to move back to Texas.  The daughter took the apartment then the next bad decision:

  • The daughter told her son of the apartment and said, “Once I get settled, we can live there together!”
  • Then when the grandma and son went to drop off mail to the mother, Mr. Rotten was already moved in and living there with her daughter. The daughter’s son was furious at his mother for days, taking it out on his Aunt and grandmother.
  • The daughter got a new job, but Mr. Right lost his (of which he is also part owner), so the battles intensified more.
  • One late Saturday evening (8/13/17) the daughter showed up unannounced during the family game night of the Aunt, Grandma, and her son. She stated that she had been beaten up by Mr. Rotten – right there a bawling mess in front of her now eight-year-old son.
  • After spending the night in the hospital with the daughter, the old woman signed a statement to watch her for the next 12-24 hours, and the hospital released them. One of the police officers requested to view the apartment for evidence (pictures).  They all went to the apartment so the daughter could retrieve clothes etc. and found a disaster.  Mr. Rotten had broken everything and trashed the whole apartment. (He was now in jail).
  • The daughter decided to go back to her home and try to clean up a little. She was also planning on going to work that evening (she worked graveyard shift).  The mother thought she should give it another day due to the size of the lump on the back of the daughter’s head, but the daughter insisted she would be fine and left.
  • A few days later the daughter popped over to the old woman’s home unannounced again with gifts for the son. She once again made a promise to come back the next night to do something with him (she had done this too many times to count anymore).  When she walked in, the Aunt and mother both noticed the hickey on her neck.

o    “Where did you get that from?” asked the mother.

o   “You don’t want to know.” Was the daughters reply, with a smile on her face.

The Aunt and old woman both looked at each other and instantly knew it was from Mr. Rotten who was apparently out of jail with no restraining order.

FINALLY – the crushing disappointment happened just a few days ago.  A man and woman pulled into the old woman’s driveway around 5 pm, claiming that she just left the daughter in the county jail.  She went on to say the daughter request that the old woman bail her out.

THE OLD WOMAN SAID NO!  She now had aged another million gray hairs worth and felt very tired.

my pic 2017 (notice I kept this pic small so you don’t see all the gray hairs)

The moral of this story:  to be continued…

(If, after reading all this, one of you – my wonderful readers – can come up with some type of moral; I would love to hear it.)

happy ever after??????

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