IMAGINE THAT? – part 5

The daughter, now pushing thirty years old, started hanging with the wrong crowd again(Please remember that these are ALL her choices.  No one is forcing her to make these decisions.), which began another series of bad decisions:

  • Back into drugs again.
  • Losing the good man for a useless man.
  • Losing a stable home for her and her children to move in with the useless man and his family (mom, brother, brother’s wife and their children: note – they are all in a 1-level three bedroom home, very small.).
  • Contracting a disease from the useless man (who later divulged that he had been living on the streets in L.A.) and ending up being rushed by ambulance to a hospital over sixty miles away because they were the only facility that could handle the situation.

Surviving near death, then moving back into her mother’s house with her two boys.

The daughter allowed the useless man to come around until, one day, the mother caught him hitting her.  (At which point the mother threw his shit in her car – including him – and took him back to his own mother’s home and told him to never come around them again or she would use the gun she was licensed to carry!)

The daughter managed to get better living under the roof of her aunt and mother.  She eventually was able to obtain a new job at the local mini-mart store.  There, she met the next bad decision – a new rotten guy.

The story of this rotten guy travels as follows:

  • Daughter and Mr. Rotten started fooling around – EVEN THOUGH they both knew that Mr. Rotten was currently married with children.
  • The daughter began hanging around at Mr. Rotten’s house all the time as they also were using drugs together (the old mother didn’t figure this out till later).
  • The daughter’s children were once again being bounced back and forth.
  • Then, as the now old woman believed, God said enough.  Fittingly it all happened on an Easter Sunday in 2014.

The daughter had been over with Mr. Rotten and his family that morning so they could all do the Easter Egg Hunt in the local park.  She went back to her mother’s home a little after lunch.  The Aunt made a nice Easter dinner for all, and it was around 5 p.m. when the house began to quiet down for the night.  All three adults had to be up very early (as usual) for work the next day, so going to rest between six and seven in the evening was nothing new.

Around 6 p.m. the sisters looked at each other and stated they could both smell smoke.  Now, you must understand that being in the country, and being that it was spring, smelling smoke was not unusual.  Many farmers in the area burn ditches before they start running the seasons irrigation waters.  The sisters got out of their seats and began searching out the windows.  They both traveled to the south door of the house, and when the Aunt opened the door to look out, the old woman exclaimed,

It’s not coming from outside; it’s coming from the furnace vent!”

They both then rushed downstairs to the furnace room – NOTHING?  Then they walked out and into the hallway to find the downstairs living room in full blaze!

GO, GET THEM OUT OF THAT BEDROOM NOW!” Exclaimed the old woman to her sister.

The daughter and her sons had fallen asleep on the bed together watching movies.  The next series of events get overwhelming, so I will just leave it with the fact that the youngest son did not make it out of the house.

2014 file pic of piano in livingrm

(FYI – this one is from our fire)

The daughter began her next spiral:

  • Blamed the fire on her older son and refused to even look at him. He moved in with the old woman and her sister – she moved in with Mr. Rotten.
  • Refused to get mental and emotional counseling from any of the community services.
  • Got more into drugs to drown out her thoughts.
  • Seven months after the fire, she was arrested and blamed for the death.
  • Mr. Rotten moved out of his house, left his wife and kids and moved into a place with the daughter.

The Aunt and old woman obtained a bond to bail out the daughter.  Then they paid the initial funds to retain a stellar local attorney (who had come from back east and was rumored to be fantastic at his job!) and kept the remaining son with them.  They also worked with local services to get the son all the help he needed, mentally and emotionally, to try to deal with all that he had been going through.  The son was now just six years old.

The next two years were spent trying to talk the daughter into getting the help she so desperately needed.  For some reason, she was the only one that seemed to think she could handle it all by herself (frickin idiot!).

to be continued…


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