The daughter, now in her early twenties, decided she didn’t like the small-town life anymore.  She decided to quit her job (not find another one first BEFORE moving), pack up, and move back to Denver.  Luckily, she still had another Aunt that lived there who took her in.

While in Denver it was just another string of bad choices:

  • Found a good job but fell for a jerk that came in with a pretty smile.
  • Ended up pregnant from that Jerk, who also came with a prison record.
  • Finally decided to leave that Jerk when some of his thug-buddies showed up waiving guns in their faces.
  • Left the Jerk for one of his friends and moved in with the friend and his mother.
  • Had the baby and decided to move back to the small town to raise the child (now she believed that Denver had become too hard to raise a baby in).
  • She was able to obtain assisted housing in a complex BUT made the mistake of bringing the friend with her.
  • Less than 6-months later she was pregnant with the friend’s baby.
  • Just after the second child was born (January of 2010), she decided to marry the friend because he was going to,

o   “Join the military, so then I can take care of you and the kids.” His words.  However, you have to be able to pass the test to gain entrance into the Marines – he did not.

  • Less than a year later she obtained a divorce from the friend.

The young woman, still under the foolish belief that she was helping decided to pay for her daughter to get an online education.  The daughter had two young sons, no job, no child support from either dead-beat-daddy and was even more depressed.  The young woman found a great online course in medical claims and billing, which seemed to have a strong future job prospect availability.

The daughter agreed to pay the mother back for the education with her next year tax refund, and she began the classes.  As it turned out, the daughter flew through the classes finishing over four months early.  This seemed to be her niche, having completed it so fast.

Things were starting to look up again.  She found a job in the industry and appeared to be excited about it.  However, this, like so many other choices the daughter made, turned out to be short-lived.

She became disenchanted with the job.  Then started running with the wrong crowd again.  The men were popping in and out of her life.  If it were just her life – then who cares, however; she made the huge mistake of bringing all of them home, meet the kids, and have the kids call them daddy.

happy vs sad faces

The young woman could only sit back and watch as her daughter made a mistake, after bad decision, after mistake.  Sadly, the young woman was now becoming an old woman (it’s not the years, it’s the miles, and by now she had over 300K of them on her).

Just as all seemed hopeless, the daughter found a wonderful man.  Nice, decent, had been holding the same job for years, and best of all – loved her and the boys immensely!  He even got help from my knowledge and background, to buy his first home for all of them to live in.  Happily, ever after – right?


to be continued…

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