This question came to me under some unusual circumstances. I grew up with depression-era parents.  They did not like to discard anything.  If we did not need it, a family member or friend might; so nothing was thrown away.  Well, in keeping with this family tradition I tried to donate my grandson's car seat to … Continue reading DO YOU HAVE A BLACK MARKET IN YOUR COMMUNITY?



Mr. Rotten’s wife moved back to Denver with their kids and found someone else to be happy with.  Mr. Rotten and the daughter began to fight – a lot!  She,  at this point, saw very little of her son.   The son, however desperately wanted to see (and live) with his mother.  The Aunt and mother … Continue reading IMAGINE THAT? – Finale.

IMAGINE THAT? – part 5

The daughter, now pushing thirty years old, started hanging with the wrong crowd again(Please remember that these are ALL her choices.  No one is forcing her to make these decisions.), which began another series of bad decisions: Back into drugs again. Losing the good man for a useless man. Losing a stable home for her … Continue reading IMAGINE THAT? – part 5


The daughter, now in her early twenties, decided she didn’t like the small-town life anymore.  She decided to quit her job (not find another one first BEFORE moving), pack up, and move back to Denver.  Luckily, she still had another Aunt that lived there who took her in. While in Denver it was just another … Continue reading IMAGINE THAT – part 4

IMAGINE THAT? – part 3

She first sold her home.  Then enlisted a Real Estate (RE) Agent to supply them with a print out of listings across Colorado.  It didn’t matter what corner, as long as it was in the country and in Colorado.  The next several months were spent driving to every one of those listings.  The young woman … Continue reading IMAGINE THAT? – part 3

IMAGINE THAT? – part 2

The mother purchased her first home when the daughter was about two.  It was a double-wide mobile home in a mobile home park.  It was good.  The daughter had her room, a small yard, and some friends her age in the same park.  The mother was struggling to make ends meet, so with the help … Continue reading IMAGINE THAT? – part 2

IMAGINE THAT? Never in my life.

Spina BifidaFAIR WARNING: This is going to be spread out over a couple of posts.  It is a drama going on in my life that needs full disclosure to understand.  I will try to share bits of humor (like always) as I go, but some days it’s just hard to find a smile.  Read on … Continue reading IMAGINE THAT? Never in my life.