I have always welcomed changes! I love change! It means that there is more out there for me to get to know, to learn about, and to experience. My grandson, however, hates change.
He has such a rough start in life, not so much physically but emotionally. The poor little rugger has been through way too much for just an eight-year old little life!
One of my mother’s favorite sayings was this:

“God never gives you more than you can handle!”

WHAT A CROCK THAT STATEMENT IS! There is so much going on in the whole world at any given moment of a day, how could he/she (whichever way you believe) possibly know what I can and cannot handle anymore?
I have been pushed to my limits more times than I can count. It has come to the point that I do not expect to receive anything good unless I fight for it. How warped is that? If something comes to me too easy, I feel I have not earned it. With that said, I would love to give winning a Powerball jackpot a try! Easy or not, I would accept it – woo hoo!!
This “change” question came about today because my grandson started third grade this week. He used to like going to school; now he said he hates it? Several things are different in this school year for him:

  • A new building. Preschool through second grade are in one school. Third, fourth, fifth is in another. Sixth, seventh, and eighth, still another. Then high school is the fourth and final building.
  • New teacher.
  • New students (at this grade they start combining kids more).
  • New desks (vs. tables that they had till now), new set ups, and just all new everything.

I’ve tried to get him to embrace change with no luck. He has slight autism (lower end of the scale they said?) and has ADHD. This lovely gruesome-twosome along with his major abandonment issues from growing up with mom (whole other can of worms, not going there today!), and then the loss of his younger brother in the fire; gives his 8+ years of life a whole new meaning!
I can understand why he hates changes; I just wish I could figure out a way to turn it around into something he could embrace. Life is so full of so many wonderful things, I hate to see him miss anything because he doesn’t want, or is afraid to try.
I have decided (just today) that my goal for him this school year is to try to introduce him to as many new things as possible. Here are a few of my thoughts:

  •  Kiss a toad (ya, that will never happen, but it is one of my thoughts-LOL).

grape picking hiding toad

  • Join a group – ANY GROUP – Boy Scouts, 4-H, one of the sports teams – chess for heaven’s sake – ANYTHING!! Just to get him into more social activities.

4-H logo

  • Climb a tree. Poor thing is just about nine years old and has never climbed a tree?
    Build holiday cards with me. He loves to craft, and I have a stellar craft room. He loves to go into it with me but tends to lose interest fast. I have to have everything prepped before he goes to do something or he won’t finish it.

xmas handmade cards4

  • Build a Halloween costume this year instead of buying one. Sure the store-bought is easier, but I, and our family, have built most of our costumes most of our lives and some were outstanding (Unicorn, Black Widow Spider, Lobster – oh, and the last was hysterical because our older sister has very pale skin with blond hair. Used a face paint to cover her arms, face, and legs. Guess what didn’t come out until about two weeks later – LMAO just remembering it!!)

rock lobster (FYI – click on pic to hear the B52’s song)

  • Make some of our own Christmas gifts. I do this all year long with my knit, crochet, beading, punch needle and other various crafts. But I want to get him more into woodworking. He loves the Dremel, been teaching him how to use it. Maybe I will try wood burning with him this year?

woodburn mushroom

Please share your thoughts with me on other, fairly simple, new ideas for changes I could give a shot with him. Thank you for your support!
One last note: Let’s all say a prayer for the poor people in Texas hit by Harvey (and will be for several days by the look of things)!

heart    heart    heart    heart    heart

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