I opened up my email this morning, and this was the first thing that caught my eye:

Why do we see monsters in the mirror?

The article goes on to say that if we stare into a mirror long enough, we can see monsters.  This is where stories like Bloody Mary came from.  NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE –  I see monsters when I glance at it!  I do not have to try to sit there and stare into it.

scary clown mirror

There is some old lady that apparently, loves to hang out in all my mirrors now.  I did not conjure her up, nor did I request the visits.  One day she just showed up and now will not leave.  The really scary part is that she has figured a way out of the mirror!

scary reflection

Yes, I have seen her when I walk into the grocery stores.  They all have glass doors when you enter, and there she is, glaring back at me – grrr!

She has never said a word, and she has never threatened me verbally, however; she does threaten my way of life.

I have never lived the way of a cautious life.  I loved (and still do love) taking the risky road.  Granted, sometimes this meant doing damage or getting hurt, but you only go around once in life.

wicked mirror

I know there are methods in our world today that could make her go away.  The problem is that they are just a temporary fix and I am looking for something more permanent.  So, I guess until they come up with a way to eliminate age spots, wrinkles, and the occasional sagging (ok, ok, it’s more than just occasional) I will just have to live with her hanging around.  Could be worse, I could be all puffed up and swollen like I was stung by a wasp or something – oh, wait, I already did that!

too positive quote

(Credit note:  all photos are: This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND)

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