Do You Laugh?

This is my first post as LifeLessonsLearned.  I hope you will enjoy it and keep coming back for more bits of fun!


worst times for lessons

Having shared that, let’s get down to the real reason I’m in here: TO LIVE!

Not just stay alive or survive (although sometimes that was the focus at hand!), but to learn simple ways to really live!

There have been many moments that was not an easy thing to do.  Sitting in my ’68 Pontiac Lemans, broke down again on a backwoods road in upper Wisconsin, crying.  Feeling very sorry for myself and repeating, “Why does this always happen to me?”  What an idiot I was!

If I could have seen then, all that I would know now I’m sure I would have given me a good slap and then laughed about it.  There are just so many things that happen in a single moment, how could you not push out a giggle at the very least?

  • Love can be cruel.
  • Life can be harsh.
  • But laughter will NEVER let you down!

Our little family does game night every Friday night.  The game is usually Yahtzee.  It has also helped to teach my grandson math.  But the best part of game night is the laughter.  We share the rotten things that happened during the week and then pull out our famous Helberg Humor Curse on it all.  (Thanks folks, you were BRILLIANT!  If they were not picking on you, they didn’t like you – and so it goes!  We carry on the legacy of getting through everything with humor – a bit sarcastic, but never-the-less humorous.)

yahtzee gameWe were discussing the fact that we just spent months starting seeds, protecting them and moving some to the greenhouse because they got too big, too fast.  Seeds, heat pads, lighting, watering, hardening off, and finally moving to spots in the outside gardens.  When what should be happening the night of the final day we set them all in the ground – FROST – SNOW.  This was the prediction from the weather service and news channels – that just great!  It was also par for the course!

My grandson got tired of the game and went to fall asleep on the couch (normal), and it was time for my sister and me to get it on!  The topic of the weather started out gentle and accurate enough, and then the silly showed up:

  • What if the weather pros are wrong?
  • What if we get two feet of snow?
  • Do we run out with sheets to cover the buckets on all the gardens?
  • We don’t have enough sheets – run extension cords and plug in space heaters?
  • Oh, ya, that would be grand…if we don’t lose them to the freezing, then it will be the two feet of snow dumping on them, but just to make sure let’s throw an electric heater out there and burn it all down – IDIOTS!!


This is always how it goes.  Starts out sane and intelligent but before long it falls into the stupid and hilarious.  A space heater, under sheets, in a snow storm – WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

minion fireman

That was normal for us we do not even question where or why anymore.  We instinctively know it’s the Helberg Humor Curse!  We continued to come up with more and more wild ideas until we were laughing so hard, my sister had to run to the bathroom – FAST!

kitten laughter

Once we were taking regular breaths again, we did discuss – seriously (sort of) our options should we lose everything we just put in outside.  As always, my motto popped into my head “Everything happens for a reason.”  We discussed having more time to work on other projects because we would not have as much to can.  We also thought about buying a case of tomatoes from a local large-scale farm (hate to, never know what’s been put on them), and ultimately, we resolved to put it out of our heads until morning.

Morning came – sun out – no snow, no freeze, mild breeze – perfect morning.  So, my moral is: laugh it off!  It just doesn’t help to worry or be angry over things you cannot control.  Instead, find the silly side of it and go with it!  Just may help you sleep a little better at night too.


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